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Dear guest,

We care about your safety and therefor we understand that you had to cancel your reservation with us. We are all together in these difficult times. We have given all the cancellations of the whole month March for all our guest without charge. Please make sure that you got all your money back from your travel agent. 
We want to communicate our support to your decision to cancel and we have confidence in our ability to respond and recover from the impacts of COVID-19. Our confidence that COVID-19 will be another example of our resilience was reinforced by the encouraging health and economic recovery news from China, which now shows a path to swift recovery.
We therefor hope to see you some other time in Amsterdam. When you come, you can make your reservation directly trough our page. We wish you success in dealing with this crisis and look forward to the full-strength return of travel – one of the most inspiring activities humans can engage in. 
Kind regards,
Isabel Mercedes